Application procedure for an EVS starting in March 2018

The application procedure is open from the 1st August until the 15th of September 2017 for an EVS project starting in March 2018. Duration: 6, 10 or 12 months.

 Instructions for the application:

1. Read carefuly the description of the projects.
2. Fill out the candidate application (doc 305 KB) with all needed information (including a picture).
3. Send us the application form per mail at the following address:
4. Before you send your mail, be sure that name of the EVS project is written in the title of your mail.
5. You will receive an automatic answer and confirmation of your application.
6. It is possible to apply for several projects, but you should send a separate application and email for each project.
7. We are looking forward to receiving your application.

7 Swiss Hosting projects are looking for volunteers

1. Fri-Son, Fribourg (French and German speaking area), Music club, 2012-CH-8.
Activity duration, 6 months: 15th of January 2017 – 15th of July 2017.
Project description Fri-Son.
Project website: 
Fri-Son is a music club, which exists since 1983. Fri-Son hosts more than 45,000 spectators a year.
Requirement: Interest for music, like practical work and ready to work by night.

2. ICYE Switzerland, Berne (German speaking area), International Youth Exchanges, 2011-CH-8
Activity duration, one year: 2nd of March 2018 – 28th of February 2019
Project description ICYE Switzerland.
Project website 
ICYE aims to connect people from different cultures and backgrounds. ICYE organize cultural exchange programs: send Swiss youths abroad for short- (1-4 months) and long-term (6 or 12 months) exchanges and receive youths from abroad (from all 5 continents) for long-term exchanges.
Requirement: Interest in coordination work in an international field, knowledge in German and English.

3. Insieme Vaud, Lausanne (French speaking) camps with people with mental disabilities, in accreditation procedure
Activity duration: 2nd of March 2018 –2nd of January 2019 - 10 months
Project description Insieme Vaud.
Project website: 
Insieme Vaud is a nonprofit association with more than 55 years experience in the field of mental disability.The volunteer will support the association at the office and during the camps

4. Kinder im Mittelpunkt: Basel (German speaking area) Children and Youth work, 2012-CH-9
Project duration, one year: 2nd of March 2018 – 28th of February 2019
Project description Kinder im Mittelpunkt
Project website
KiM – Kinder im Mittelpunkt is an organization that is active in the children's and youth work. KiM operates mainly a meeting-place for children and young people in Allschwil, the “Jugendland”.
Requirement: Interest in working with children and basic German knowledge

5. LivrEchange Intercultural Library, Fribourg (French and German speaking area)
Activity duration, 10 months: 2nd of March 2018 – 2nd of January 2019
Project description LivrEchange
Project website: 
The intercultural library provides books in 190 different languages as well as different activities and workshops for adults and children.
Requirement for the volunteer: French knowledge and driving license

6. Mère Sofia foundation, Lausanne (French speaking area).
Activity duration, 10 months: 2nd of March 2018 – 2nd of January 2019
Project description Mère Sofia
Project website:
The foundation Mère Sofia is a welfare organization which helps the most impoverished. They have got different departments for this action: a soup kitchen and an itinerant social service.
Requirement: Motivation to be in contact with person in precarious situations, to like practical work.

7. Théâtre du Crochetan, Monthey (French speaking area) 2013-CH-5
Activity duration, 10 months: 2nd of March 2018 – 2nd of January 2019
Project description théâtre du Crochetan
Project description: 
The theater of le Crochetan presents 40 different shows and plays each year They are active in performing arts and music.
Requirement: Interest in art in general, especially in theater.

General information concerning the EVS program in Switzerland
•    This project would be granted from the Swiss government und not the EU, because Switzerland is officially no more a full member of Erasmus +.
•    The volunteers will live with a voluntary Swiss host family. The candidate should be motivated to share the life of the host family and live an intercultural exchange with them.
•    The contributions for international travel costs are CHF 400.
•    The transportation costs from the project to the host family are covered.
•    The volunteer will be insured through the ICYE group insurance
•    The volunteer will receive a pocket money of CHF 300 per month (about 275 EUR)
•    The volunteers will work about 32 hours a week.
•    The duration of the activities is 6, 10 or 12 months.
•    The volunteer will receive a certificate of participation fill in by ICYE Switzerland and the hosting organization not a youth pass.